Friday, May 8, 2009

Cintiq Doodle

Happy early birthday to me! I finally broke down and invested in a Cintiq. (Amazon had a refurbished 12wx for $800 instead of the normal 1k. It looks and acts brand new.)

So far, so good! I already am confident that I won't have buyers remorse. I'm still trying to wrestle my displays to display colors the same, but I'll figure it out eventually. I'm running a HD 23" Apple Cinema Display in XP64, so native color management is non-existent. The ACD is more saturated, as least compared to the Cintiq. I've been able to get them to match in Photoshop at least, so that's something.

Here's my first doodle to test the Cintiq: (Forgive the bad anatomy.)

Alias Sketchbook, Cintiq

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