Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Princess Daphne

I'm playing catch-up for the past few days of the video game monthly challenge.

This was made after I got the Cintiq, but I'm still posting it as Wednesday's. :)

I really don't know anything about color management in monitors or Photoshop. My Apple Cinema Display is either too saturated, or the Cintiq is too desaturated. Still trying to figure out how to get everything to display the same, except I think I messed up the color profiles in Photoshop, and now it looks uber saturated in browsers due to lack of ICC support. Blarg. >_<

Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair.

Alias Sketchbook + Cintiq


Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu said...


Rosie makes things said...

Hi there,
I wanted to comment on your post about your artwork being stolen but couldn't find the right link to contact you, so I'm hoping you'll see this.

I was reading the articles about your image being stolen by the Tropes vs Women kickstarter and was wondering if you were aware that you can report the infringement on your property to Kickstarter themselves.
If you go to the Tropes vs Women kickstarter page, there is a link at the bottom under 'Ask a question' that says 'Report this project to Kickstarter' and once you do, an option to select 'Intellectual property violation'. I would have done it on your behalf because the whole story really infuriated me, however only the owner can do it themselves.

You probably already know about this but just wanted to let you know in case you didn't.
Stealing artwork is completely crap and I hope you find a solution or at least get Anita Sarkeesian to recognise what she did, publicly.

MHLou said...
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gemin924 said...

I read about all of the stolen fan art and I read the letter about how they came across it. Google searching the image I saw your image as it's presented on your page signature and all, but then I came across a music site and something called Waxfood Soul Sesson EP with your Princess Daphne as the cover art.

Did you commission this for them or is this another case? I guess people really love your work.

MasterZebulin said...

I HIGHLY advise contacting the authorities about your art being stolen by con-artist Anita Sarkeesian as she did with so many others...

James Hoyt said...

You can't copyright fanart... it's free use.

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